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SDGs,ESG, Sustainability, Net Zero, Carbon Neutral and on and on it goes.

The non-stop bombardment of these terms makes businessowners, CEOs, COOs, Compliance Officers etc wonder what they are supposed todo. Do we have Legal risk? Supply chain risk? Market risk? Etc. With so much ‘noise’ how to hear clearly your obligations?

MyGreenlight provides the answers to all the above questions

You do not need to build in-house sustainability/compliance departments. You do not need to hire expensive consultants or send your staff on irrelevant or unsuitable training courses. You do not need to pay report writers large sums to present you with a fancy looking report that has no value other than a coffee table magazine. What you do need to do is engage MyGreenlight as a Service.

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AI Generated Local Malaysian SME

At MyGreenlight we deal with the real-world obligations for businesses in Malaysia

We understand Malaysia’s commitment to the UN SDGs. As members of the United Nations Global Compact Malaysia and Brunei (UNGCMYB) we have live access to all the Global Compact initiatives in Malaysia. In May of 2023 the Securities Commission of Malaysia set up a National level advisory committee on sustainability reporting (ACSR) to support the implementation of ISSB in Malaysia. In October of 2023 Securities Commission affiliate Capital Markets Malaysia released the Simplified ESG Disclosure Guideline (SEDG) for SMEs in Supply Chains.

We follow developments from the International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB)

Formed in 2021 the ISSB Creates a global baseline for sustainability reporting. It is necessary to have a standardized method of reporting sustainability for comparison. At MyGreenlight we believe eventually it will become mandatory to report to the ISSB standards and therefore we align all of our services to this. We see ISSB as a favourable development since it will align various global standards. In 2024 the ISSB and ESRS released an interoperability guide between IFRS and EFRAG.

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We understand the need to comply with the European carbon intensity legislation if you have any customers that supply the European market.

The European Union has initiated a carbon border tax requiring importers to report the CO2 emissions of products sold into Europe or risk financial penalties. Once it is fully enforced importers into the EU will pay a CO2 fee equal to what European companies already pay in Europe's carbon market. Malaysian businesses need to be ready for this.

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